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Dongguan Dasen New Materials Co., Ltd. has been committed to the research, development, production and sales of high-performance carbon fiber, glass fiber and composite materials since its establishment.
Dasen has domestic professional equipment and production technology. Our main products include carbon fiber prepreg, glass fiber prepreg, carbon fiber pipe, glass fiber pipe, carbon fiber plate, glass fiber plate and final products, etc. Dasen can provide customers with technical services from product structure design, process design, CAE simulation calculation to mass production.
Dasen has completely independent intellectual property rights and advanced production technology. On the basis of ISO9001 international quality management standard, Dasen adheres to strict and advanced production management, ensures high-quality and efficient production and operation, and provides high-quality services for domestic and foreign customers.

Company Vision

To become an innovative and competitive enterprise in the peer industry.

Company Mission

Succeed employees and repay society

Core Values

Create value and share progress


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