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    •1 . Lightweight, in medical equipment, carbon fiber stretcher lightweight, stretcher is more convenient to use, carrying is also more convenient. Carbon fiber wheelchair is also the same, more convenient to use.
    •2. High strength performance, carbon fiber stretchers, wheelchairs can easily carry patients weighing hundreds of pounds. Including carbon fiber medical bed board products, can better support the patient, making the whole performance has a very good application and recognition.
    •3. High temperature resistance performance is high, carbon fiber composite material high temperature resistance compared to traditional plastic and resin products, is much higher than these products. Carbon fiber products are safe enough to be killed by high temperature, and the overall safety of carbon fiber products is higher.
    •4. Special X-ray transmission performance, carbon fiber medical CT bed board, is to have a very good X-ray transmission ability, imaging is more clear, can get a very good imaging effect.
  • Other Life Applications
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    Daily-necessitieshelmets, masks, toys, luggage, watch frames, etc.


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