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  • Carbon Fiber Racket
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    Sports-&-Leisure-1• Good mechanical properties
    • Good impact resistance
    • Good feel of the ball
    • Good damping
    • Small vibration
    • No wrist injury
  • Carbon Fiber Bicycle Accessories
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    Sports-&-Leisure-2Carbon fiber bicycle has 5 advantages, so more and more bicycles use carbon fiber prepreg material
    Light Weight
    effectively reduce the overall weight of the bike, cyclists can reduce the physical loss of riding, riding speed faster, riding distance farther.
    Good Rigidity
    carbon fiber bicycle because of the excellent strength, rigidity, conducive to the transformation of thedriving force, improve the maneuverability of the whole bike, enhance the comfort of riding.
    Good Shock Resistance
    The carbon fiber composite material comes with good damping, which can improve the shock resistance and provide cushioning for the ups and downs that occur during the ride, making the ride more comfortable.
    High Safety
    carbon fiber bicycle has good impact resistance and will not be damaged in a general collision.
    Good Durability
    Carbon fiber bicycle has good resistance to acid and alkali,corrosion, salt spray and oxidation, which prolongs the service life of the bicycle.


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