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  • Carbon fiber composite sheet laptop mechanism parts
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    Product Features:
    • High strength and high modulus of the material to provide high quality performance of the product.
    • The material's light weight and excellent heat dissipation properties provide better product experience for end customers.
    • Low warpage and corrosion resistance of the material provide better industrial production guarantee for the product.
    • Original imported carbon fiber raw yarn, a high share of procurement ratio provides a huge raw yarn cost advantage.
    • The complete pultrusion to CNC process of independent research and development and production provides a strong guarantee for the realization of customer product diversification and personalization.
    • The whole production process can be controlled and traced, which ensures high quality requirements and after-sales service.
  • TV
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    Consumer-Electronics-2The excellent performance of carbon fiber and the design ability of carbon fiber composites are now applied to the structural material in TV sets. Dasen cooperated with a well-known TV manufacturer to study the molding process, surface treatment process, and rigidity index of carbon fiber back sheet. The TV solution adopted 3K appearance pattern and UD unidirectional prepreg for laminated design of the inner layer, and found that the weight reduction effect was obvious, reaching more than 50%, and the force deformation test met the requirements. Moreover, compared with conventional materials, the carbon fiber back panel, regardless of its thickness, has strong resilience after the withdrawal of external forces, and will hardly be deformed by the impact of external forces, which has good application prospects in the pursuit of thin and light high-end products
  • Tablet
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    Consumer-Electronics-3Ipad and mini pad and other tablet PCs are widely praised by users. The series of products are positioned to meet people's entertainment function, so the sound is very important to people's auditory perception. Apple has designed its ipad with a resonant sheet made of carbon fiber composite, which gives it a very good acoustic effect.


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