What Is The Difference between Carbon Fiber Plates And Steel Plates?
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What Is The Difference between Carbon Fiber Plates And Steel Plates?

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What is the difference between carbon fiber plates and steel plates?

A composite material 7 times stiffer than steel plate? 99% of people don't know about the carbon fiber sheet.

Carbon fiber is a new type of material popular in recent years, which is mainly composed of carbon elements of a special fiber, carbon content is generally more than 90%, so what is the difference between this carbon fiber plate and steel plate?

1.The material of carbon fiber plate and steel plate

Carbon fiber plates made from the mixture of carbon fibers and resin, which are lightweight, high-strength, and corrosion-resistant.

Steel plates are composed of iron and carbon elements and are characterized by high plasticity and resistance to abrasion.

Carbon fiber board has a strong resistance to acid, oil, alkali salt corrosion characteristics, can be placed in 50% content of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, while the steel is easy to chemical reaction with acid and alkali salts.

2. Weight and Strength of Carbon Fiber and Steel Sheets

Because of the carbon fiber plate has lightweight characteristics, the weight of carbon fiber in the same volume is less than one-fifth of the weight of the steel plate, the density of carbon fiber plate in 1.7g/cm3 , the steel plate in 7.8g/cm3 , carbon fiber plate is far lighter than the steel plate.

In terms of strength, carbon fiber boards also show better performance than steel plates, tensile strength of up to 3500MPa, which is 6 to 7 times that of ordinary steel. Carbon fiber panels also have better resistance to bending and shearing, making them more suitable in special environments.

3. Price and processing difficulty of carbon fiber and steel plates

The production cost of carbon fiber plate is relatively high. Therefore, the selling price is also higher than that of steel plates. At the same time, the processing of carbon fiber plates is also more difficult, requiring special techniques and equipment. Steel plates are relatively cheap and easier to process, but their corrosion resistance and fragility are poor.


4.The application areas of carbon fiber plate and steel plate

Carbon fiber plates are usually used in high-end medical, automotive parts, aerospace, and transportation rail; while steel plates are more widely used in construction, passenger cars, light trucks, and other fields. In the demand for high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance and other special applications, carbon fiber plate is more suitable; while in the general machinery and vehicle manufacturing field, steel plate is still the main choice.


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