What Is Carbon Fiber Cloth? Characteristics And Applications of Carbon Fiber Cloth
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What Is Carbon Fiber Cloth? Characteristics And Applications of Carbon Fiber Cloth

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What is carbon fiber cloth? Characteristics and Applications of Carbon Fiber Cloth

Carbon fiber cloth, also known as carbon fiber woven fabric, carbon fiber reinforced fabric, carbon fiber tape, is woven from 12K carbon fiber. Carbon fiber cloth can be used for tensile and seismic reinforcement of some structural components, can handle building cracks, repair and reinforce defects in other engineering projects. Carbon fiber cloth can be used together with its matching impregnating resin to become carbon fiber composite materials, and its performance is even better.


Principle of Carbon Fiber Cloth Process

The principle of carbon fiber cloth reinforcement is to use high-performance carbon fiber matched with resin impregnation adhesive to bond to the surface of concrete components, and utilize the good tensile strength of carbon fiber materials to enhance the bearing capacity and strength of the components.

Carbon Fiber  Cloth Product Features

High strength, low density, thin thickness, basically without increasing the self weight and cross-sectional size of the reinforced components.

Widely applicable, it is widely used for the reinforcement and repair of various structural types and shapes such as buildings, bridges, and tunnels, as well as seismic reinforcement and structural reinforcement of nodes.

Convenient construction, no need for large machinery and equipment, no wet work, no need for hot work, no need for on-site fixed facilities, less construction site occupation, and high construction efficiency.

High durability, as it does not rust, it is very suitable for use in high acid, alkali, salt, and atmospheric corrosive environments.


Application fields of carbon fiber cloth:

1) Aerospace: fuselage, rudder, engine casing, solar panels, etc.

2) Sports equipment: car parts, motorcycle parts, fishing rods, baseball bats, sleds, speedboats, badminton rackets, etc.

3) Industry: engine components, fan blades, transmission shafts, and electrical components, etc.

4) Fire protection: suitable for the production of special high-end fire-resistant clothing for troops, fire protection, steel mills, and other special categories,

5) Architecture: increased building load, changes in engineering functionality, material aging, structural crack treatment for concrete strength grades below design values, repair of components in harsh environments, and protection; Earthquake-resistant, reinforcement, and reinforcement materials for concrete structures in civil engineering, bridges, and tunnels

Performance of carbon fiber cloth:

A lightweight and can operate in narrow spaces without affecting the construction process

B High strength and can be flexibly used in engineering structures that are resistant to bending, shear, and compression

C Excellent flexibility and can wrap complex external components

D Meet the alkali and chemical corrosion resistance requirements of various component surfaces (bridges, tunnels, slabs, beams, columns, ventilation buckets, pipelines, walls, etc.)

E Reuse the fabric and cover it evenly; It has little impact on decoration, long storage life, and allows for a long operating period. It allows for certain differences in the environment

F Good resistance to high temperature, creep, wear, and seismic performance



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