Prepreg Material,carbon fiber prepregs
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Prepreg Material,carbon fiber prepregs

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Prepreg Material,carbon fiber prepregs

Carbon fiber prepreg is a high-performance composite material composed of carbon fiber and resin matrix. It is usually a semi-finished material that can be directly used to manufacture various high-performance composite components, such as aerospace, automobiles, sports product, medical products, etc.


The advantages of carbon fiber prepreg include:

-High strength and lightweight: Carbon fiber has extremely high specific strength and modulus, so carbon fiber prepregs also have high strength and lightweight effects.

-Good corrosion resistance: Carbon fiber prepreg has good corrosion resistance and can be used in harsh environments.

-Good processability: Carbon fiber prepreg can be made into various shapes of components through various processing methods, such as molding, hot pressing cans, RTM, etc.

-Good dimensional stability: Carbon fiber prepreg has good dimensional stability and can maintain its shape and size under high temperature and pressure.

UD carbon fiber prepreg

The disadvantages of carbon fiber prepreg include:

-High cost: The cost of carbon fiber prepreg is relatively high, which is also one of the reasons why its application is limited.

-Sensitive to the environment: Carbon fiber prepreg is relatively sensitive to the environment and is prone to damage in humid and high temperature environments.

Flammability: Carbon fiber prepreg is flammability and requires fire prevention measures.

DASEN Group was founded in 2011 and headquartered in Suzhou.

lt is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the research and development ,production, and sales of high thermal conductivity graphite materials, carbon fiber prepregs, and composite material products

DASEN has passed ISO9001 International Quality Management System.SO14001 International Environmental Management System, and QC080000Hazardous Substance Process Management System.

DASEN has production, research and development bases in Jiangxi, Dongguan and Vietnam, as well as offices in Suzhou, South Korea, Shenzhen, and the United States. DASEN can provide professional and convenient thermal management and carbon fiber solutions to global customers

DASEN has always been committed to becoming an excellent supplier of functional material solutions!



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