Eight Common High-performance Carbon Fiber Products Forming Methods
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Eight Common High-performance Carbon Fiber Products Forming Methods

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Carbon fiber is rarely used alone. Generally, it is used in the form of composite materials after being compounded with resin and other matrices. There will be various forming and processing methods based on the shape and characteristics of the final product.

In addition, in order to improve physical properties and appearance structure, and shorten forming time, the molding methods of carbon fiber composite materials are also constantly being improved.

01Pultrusion molding

Pultrusion, as a continuous molding method, It involves introducing and passing carbon fibers impregnated with liquid resin through a mold., and then conducting thermal curing   It is suitable for formed products with certain cross-sectional shapes such as rods and tubes.


02、Filament-winding Molding

Filament-winding Molding is a molding method that involves wrapping carbon fiber bundles impregnated with liquid resin around a core shaft and then heating and curing them.


This method can be divided into two versions: (i) immerse the carbon fiber in a resin bath while winding it; (ii) Wrap the carbon fiber bundle material pre- impregnated in resin. It is suitable for processing tubular and can shaped products.


Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) involves placing carbon fiber preforms (products, fabrics, etc. that pre form carbon fibers into product shapes) in a pair of upper and lower sealed molds, and then compressing, impregnating, and thermally curing the liquid resin.


The method of solidification using only a lower mold under vacuum pressure is called vacuum assisted RTM (VaRTM). RTM is suitable for small and medium-sized products, while VaRTM is suitable for medium and large molded products.

04、Press Molding

Press Molding is a method of laminating prepreg or SMC impregnated resin sheet materials onto a mold, and applying pressure while heating and curing. This molding method is suitable for the production of large-scale products.


05、Autoclave Molding

Autoclave Molding (ACM for short), autoclave is a pressure cooker. It is achieved by laminating the prepreg onto a mold, covering it with an expanding film (a film used to create a vacuum), reducing pressure, and then curing them under pressure and heat in the autoclave.


This molding method is suitable for manufacturing high-quality and high-performance products, but due to the long molding cycle, the cost is high.

06、Oven Molding

"Oven Molding", like Autoclave Molding .This method also involves depressurisation by laminating a prepreg over a forming mold covered with an expanding film, but the heat curing is carried out in a vacuum.

Although slightly inferior in performance and quality compared to Autoclave Molding, this molding method has low operating costs and can be used for the molding and processing of relatively large products.

07、Sheet-wrap Molding

Sheet wrap molding is a process of wrapping prepreg onto a core (iron core) and removing it after heat curing.


This method is suitable for the processing of small and medium-sized products in the production of tubular and roller shapes. For example, some golf clubs and other types of clubs are mainly produced through this method, and sometimes conical products can also be processed using this method.

08、Injection Molding

Injection molding involves heating and melting carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin particles (such as nylon and polycarbonate), and then injecting them into the mold cavity (void).


Although the mechanical performance is not excellent, this molding method is suitable for the molding of short cycle, complex shaped products.


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