Dasen Group Participated In JEC World 2024
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Dasen Group Participated In JEC World 2024

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JEC World is the global trade show for composite materials and their applications. Held in Paris, JEC World is the industry’s leading event, hosting all the major players in a spirit of innovation, business, and networking.

JEC World is the “place to be” for composites with hundreds of product launches, awards ceremonies, startup competitions, conferences, live demonstrations, Innovation Planets, and networking opportunities.


JEC WORLD 2024 in France concluded perfectly on 5-7 March at the Villepinte Pavilion in the northern suburbs of Paris! The exhibition attracted more than 1,270 exhibitors from more than 49 countries and regions in the composite material industry. The exhibits cover the automotive, marine and yacht, aerospace, construction materials, rail transportation, wind power, leisure products, piping and power, and radiation industries. 

JEC World exhibits a variety of composite products, including carbon fiber, glass fiber, fiber-reinforced plastics, and fiber -reinforced metals, etc. Carbon fiber is one of the most popular products in the new energy field. 

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Carbon fiber is the most popular technical material in the new energy field. Carbon fiber is one of the most popular technical materials in the new energy field. Carbon fiber 's excellent strength, stiffness, light weight and corrosion resistance make it the material of choice for a wide range of applications.


Dasen Group, as a member of the carbon fiber industry among the exhibitors, is committed to the research and development of different types of prepreg, production, and customization of resins according to the customer's application  , so as to meet the demand for fiber compliant materials in various industries.

Customer Communication

At the exhibition, Dasen Group received customers from various countries and had in-depth communication with them to understand their needs for prepreg and carbon fiber products under different applications, and collected valuable opinions and numerous feedbacks.


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